Replica Rolex 116520 Daytona

Rolex 116520 watch is a legend, you may have heard of $ 1 million worth of Rolex Daytona auction record, that is the 60's Paul Newman section of Daytona Ref.6263. Now our Replica Rolex 116520 Daytona Watches from 2000 on sale, has been in oversold state, think of all feel strange - 16 years did not change how the Replica Rolex Daytona timer, actually so sought after, have to admit Rolex market achievement

Now, our online store Fake Rolex 116520 Black Watch has been born, there are two kinds of black and white face plate optional, are equipped with a black Cerachrom ceramic bezel, there are some minor changes on the dial, in addition, case, , Movement, dial, bracelet is close to perfection; Is this the secret of Rolex's success, the choice of evolution instead of revolution iteration?

Our production of replica Rolex 116520 Ceramics watch ceramic bezel is the overall firing, the number and scale directly engraved on the top, and then deposited on the platinum PVD process; its advantage is wear, no scratch marks, compared to the previous generation Replica Rolex Daytona Watch We certainly have a profound memory of the polishing bezel. The actual color change is more exciting. Watch the whole less some shiny, visual effects will be smaller, but brought more contrasting colors, but also more modern sense of coldness, fake rolex for sale, Rolex Daytona 116520 review

The Replica Rolex Daytona 116520 watch scale numbers are level, and the new replica rolex 116520 with the same design Jin Di - around the way to surround the table layout . 2016 new fake rolex 116520 with the old version, also provides two versions, white or black disc. Time scale or the indicators are still a small warhead style (gold material Daytona often have several Arabic numerals), 18 platinum made, embedded super luminous material; hands still use the old design - the middle of a black line.

But the white Rolex 116520 Replica chronograph sub-dial is a new design, the old section dial is silver-plated outer ring, and now, they are black snail-shaped pattern, echoing the black ceramic bezel, which contrast with the white background, Like the old section 6263, commonly known as Panda panda face plate. Black face disk is still a silver ring around the child in the chronograph sub-dial outer ring. Previously black Rolex 116520 Replica hottest, I see the market to change after the market, how can there be dark circles black panda beautiful eye-catching it? New rolex 116520 case and bracelet no change, so do not look carefully or classic Rolex Daytona. Still integral casting 904L stainless steel case, is still 40 mm in diameter, still with screw-in timing button, the familiar crown or triple lock, still waterproof 100 meters, still use the same wrist surface. Watch bracelet is still the same, with a typical Oyster design, the external chain satin surface treatment, the central part of the polished, about 5 mm length within easy to adjust. Movement using column-wheel structure, the vertical movement of the Cal.4130, equipped with blue Parachrom hairspring, with 72 hours of power reserve.